Integrated Power Partners

We are nothing without our partners.

PaRtnership in Action

Integrated Power is the market leader in providing commercial platform support for leading contractors to deliver solar. Our partnership takes the cost and mystery out of how and when to offer a solar solution to your customers. Working with IPC is easy and makes you money.

Information received proposal/financing sent - contract awarded / IPC engineers, administers and delivers to allow contractor to manage customer relationship increase net profit and focus staff resources on selling new projects.

Leading Engineering support - Development experience with Ground mount, Roof mount and Carport solutions. Customized to customer needs.

Structured Finance – Ability to deliver finance solutions when needed to close the sale. PPA, Lease, PACE.

Market leading Supply relationships – delivers lower cost turnkey support

Delivering Value with our Partners


Lower your electric bill and decrease your carbon footprint at the same time. From rooftops to carports, we will deliver leading performance for your business.


In addition to crops and livestock, your land can generate even more profit. Integrated Power can design a ground or rooftop solar system that provides energy and income for years to come.